New Year

Ah, it's that time of year again! Min sends an ecard, I realise I haven't logged in for about a year and come to check in :P

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 was hell, here's hoping this year will be better. There were some positives - kids are doing well in school, Marcus is getting the support he needs and we're hopeful that he'll get his official diagnosis of high functioning autism this year so the school will get funding to keep that support going.

Not much else comes to mind though lol.

My mother in law passed away suddenly in early december and that kind of threw christmas and new year, but that couldn't be helped.

I am currently drowning in birds - I hatched out some quail eggs in late september. 24 eggs went in, 11 hatched and 9 survived. We've also just taken on my MiLs cockatiel as there was no one else to have it!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Pretty pics

Greetings all! Still alive! I do mean to pop in more frequently I swear!

Just signal boosting for a friendly artist who really needs some more work. Her prices are very reasonable, this one was $16 and I think it's perfect!

She's lovely to work with and also designed my new business logo!

Jewellery of the geeky variety

I think I am on my way to obsession - I have an Evenstar pendant somewhere too, but I seem to have mislaid it!

 photo jewellery_zpsjg9nilpv.jpg

I will make a proper update next week - when Marcus starts school full time! Eek!
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(no subject)

I just logged into my account for the first time in years. Oh my god I left a lot unfinished.

Worst part is I can't even remember the plots for several of them!
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(no subject) is doing ridiculously underpriced commissions due to personal issues - this one was $10 (US) and was done very quickly! If you want to help out a struggling artist, there are still slots open and they're willing to do any pairing or fandom. :)


My day

Well, Marcus' transition to school meeting went pretty well. The teachers are very willing to work with him and there's the possibility of testing to see if he has aspergers if he doesn't improve in a few months.

In other news - Ever had that nightmare of your locker not opening after swimming? Yeah. That happened.
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A post I made on tumblr just got reblogged - by the same person who plagiarised me.

Some people have NO shame. Wow.
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I came across a fic on tumblr and that has an almost identical summary to one of mine, basically the same plot and several chunks of nearly identical text. But it's just different enough that I dare not say anything. Ugh.
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It's hard to believe we've been living here nearly 6 months now. There have been some adjustments to make and I miss having a job, believe it or not, but we all love it here. Should have done it years ago!

Am really into my writing again, must be the new environment! No Elves though, unfortunately. But I'm having a great time in the DC universe! has everything I've done so far. Also considering uploading some of my better LOTR stuff.

And that's kind of it, so have some picspam!

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